Project: Setting up a Litecoin p2pool with merged mining on a Debian virtual server part 3

Installing p2pool on a Digitalocean droplet.

Assuming that a Litecoin node is already set up and synced or can be created from a snapshot, it's pretty straight forward to set up the p2pool and merged mining wallets.

cd ~ git clone cd p2pool/litecoin_scrypt python install cd ..

Start up p2pool with:

~/p2pool/ --net litecoin -f 1 --address AnyLTCaddress --give-author 1 litecoinrpc yourRPCpassword

After a few minutes, you should be able to see your p2pool page from any web browser:

Then you can go into Minera or whatever you control your scrypt miner with and direct your hash to the same address. Update the p2pool page in your web browser after a few minutes to see that you are actually generating shares.

For merged mining, you'll have to open for the p2pool-ip in the wallet config like this:

rpcuser=magicinternetmoneyrpc rpcpassword=Bwe7u638UCp6jw5mzTyoGrrdJfmu1Y55WjLGv3StPi8z listen=1 server=1 daemon=1 gen=0 rpcport=9792 rpcallowip=

Finally, you can start the p2pool with merged wallets and screen (to be able to log out of the droplet without stopping the server) like this:

screen -d -m -S ltcp2pool ~/p2pool/ --net litecoin --address LV85tjBp54wRERhwPdw4j7Y1V1Era6sMUY --give-author 1 --irc-announce --merged http://canadaecoinrpc:9y1PrzVFrPZ9Bkjnx5wP8dgnKuNv5Zfde7fyezds55sV@CDNwalletIP:34330 --merged http://pesetacoinrpc:z2HUGKmz2UfCK24MGM42EhBaPsiftkfQdGGcQGmJZ9H@PSTwalletIP:16638 litecoinrpc A2bBpLYjCYE5MmkRe1eKRebBa9ELMfZ7x7VVH2DMuQaP

exit screen with [ctrl] + a + d

You can re-attach to the screen with:

screen -r ltcp2pool

Don't forget to log on to the merged wallets from time to time, to check if you have found any blocks! :)

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