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Windows 10

Microsoft has recently rolled out their latest and probably last desktop operating system and it's the best so far. Even better than Windows 7!

This is the way to get a Windows 10 professional 64 bit edition cheap, in a legal way. Remember, it has to be done before July

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The Old Tree

The Old Tree is a charming little Flash(?)-game, takes you less than 30 minutes to play to the end - at most. And it's absolutely free to play. Recommended!

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If you are following BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin or any other cryptocurrency, you might be interested in knowing where to find the best market to trade to and from other currencies.

I recommend to have a look at Bleutrade.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bleutrade has been around for a few years already. It's "up&

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Game console killer!

Today I received my Steam link box and 1 Steam controller.

These new units were promised to enable remote playing computer games in the living room on any TV with HDMI-input. And it works! Perfect if your computer room is small and dark as a cave and you want to

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ARK Survival

I'm playing a video game called ARK Survival together with my youngest son these days. It's good fun! : "You wake up on an island with nothing at all, try to survive, ..then gets eaten, by dinosaurs! - Gets eaten again!!.. Until you understand (with a little bit of help

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